Invest in Short Term Rental Properties.

How it Works
The Strategic Way to Invest

You invest. We do the rest.

Passively invest in short-term rentals with as little as $25,000. We’ll do all the work and send you a check every quarter.


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Schedule a call with our Investor Partnerships team to best explore if this is a good fit for your specific investment goals.


Let's Talk

If it’s a mutual fit, we’ll partner with you. We’ll explain all the ins and outs. In short, you invest, we do the rest.


We Get to Work

We’ll handle everything from A to Z and soon, you’ll be cash flowing with STRs while banking that equity.


Rinse & Repeat

Collect your cash flow, grow your wealth and if you’re up for it, rinse and repeat until you hit your financial goals.

You Invest, We Do the Rest. It’s that Easy.


Our underwriters analyze over 15,000 properties per month. We know what and where to buy.


No W2s or Income Statements. We’re partnering with you so we’ve got this covered with our partners.

Finance & Accounting

Our CPA and accounting team will handle all the numbers and share the details with you in your quarterly report.

Property Management

33% more revenue, 35% more occupancy and 17% more profit than others. Yup, that’s hot off the press 2022 data.

Tax Optimized

Depreciation, cost segregation, tax free income anyone? We’ve got it handled. You get a K1.

Smart Technology

AC, security, locks and more. All using the best available tech to ensure we’re not running the utilities up necessarily.


Trust us, it matters. We’ll ensure the STR stands out in search rankings and fetches it’s most optimal price.

Automated Reviews

Our guests love the functional, comfortable, home away from home that we provide. And they review us 4.8+.


Included to ensure we can provide a stellar 24/7 guest experience. Guests will love their clean stay.


You’re protected by our legal team and over a $1M umbrella liability policy by working with us. Hooray!

Insta Worthy Photos

You eat with your eyes first. So yes, we’re going to spend the money to make sure this place looks like a million bucks.


We automatically list across Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia and more. Optimizing for the best returns along the way.

LLC Setup

The tax code favors the business owner. Well, now you are one. Welcome to a world of deductions.

Revenue Management

Lower expenses due to our economies of scale. We save 30% over the “old” way of doing things. Profits!


Quarterly reporting with real time access to your dashboard when or if you want to take a peek. 100% transparency.

Wealth Strategy

Learn how to save 50% on your taxes. Real Estate is just the beginning. Our CPAs and financial advisors can help.

Identity Verification

We take our properties seriously and always know who’s there. Rest easy that we have your back at all times.

Access Control Panel

See everything in your dashboard. In real time. We call it the OS. (coming soon)


Ready to do it again? Just give us the green light. You’re already approved and get first dibs as a current partner.

Economies of Scale

Benefit from all the discounts we get. Dollar for dollar. We pass on 100% of all savings.

See the Strategy

"It was incredibly easy to post the unused apartment above my garage for rent and have since been paying my mortgage with the proceeds.”

Bill Callan

“If you're going on vacation, you might as well get paid while you travel! Share your home with others and return to a nice paycheck when you arrive home.”

Jacob Thornton

Cash Flow,
Tax Benifits & More!

17% ROI / 8-12% Cash Flow

Cash Flow + Appreciation + Depreciation + Debt Paydown is a powerful formula for wealth. Earn double digit yield on an annual basis to achieve the passive income you want.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

What's the minimum investement?

$25,000 is the minimum investment.

Do you support 1031 exchange?

No, we do not work with 1031 exchange money at this time.

Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest?

Yes, you do, as defined by the SEC.

What's my risk?

All investments carry risk, including ours. What we believe we have hedged, protected and maintained to operate at a profit, could still generate an unforseeable loss. Please invest responsibly.

We’ve done this once or twice before…

We built GWK Global after 10+ years of working for the Oracles and Apples of the world. Cash flow, tax benefits and real estate gave us freedom, security and allowed us to finally LIVE. Today, we’ve helped over 50+ people invest in real estate, coast to coast and all across the world.

We’re ex-techies who thought there was a better way. So, we spent the last decade building it ourselves. We focused on cash flowing, tax efficient, self compounding real estate.

GWK Global is our vision of the most seamless cash flow experience someone can imagine. Simply want to do it and it’s done. That’s our goal with building this company.

We invite you to join the cash flow journey.

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